Tax Problem Phone Call & Document Review

tax attorney admitted to tax courtLet me begin by clarifying that WE ARE REAL TAX ATTORNEYS. We are not representatives, agents, experts, specialists or whatever other term some companies use to mask the fact that the person handling your tax problem is not a real tax attorney. We are not a “tax resolution firm”, we are a LICENSED AND INSURED LAW FIRM! We make a big deal about this because many tax resolution “firms” are nothing more than scams or referral companies who do not offer any actual help to people with tax problems. These misleading and abusive business practices need to be stopped.

When we help with your tax problems it’s not just your money on the line, our law license is too!


Your Tax Problem Reviewed By A Tax Attorney

If you have been contacted by the IRS or DRS regarding a tax debt, you are probably under a great deal of stress. There should be many questions on your mind:

get your tax problem reviewed
  • Is the IRS or DRS correct?
  • What is the amount of my tax debt?
  • What are the civil and criminal consequences of my tax debt?
  • What can be done to minimize the amount and consequences of my tax debt?


But how can you answer these questions? You are not a trained tax professional or an attorney. The IRS and DRS documentation and forms are difficult to understand. What should you do?

Contact A Tax Attorney!

You may want to consider hiring a tax attorney to handle your tax problems. But first you want to make sure your problems are big enough to justify paying an attorney. And before you hire them you want to make sure there is something they can do to help you!



Step One: Talk to a tax attorney about your tax problem*

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The first step is scheduling a FREE 20 minute phone call to talk to a tax attorney about your tax problem. Whether your tax problem is a result of unreported, underreported or unpaid Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, Federal Employment Tax, State Employment Tax, State Sales & Use Tax, State Admissions Tax, State Room & Occupancy Tax, or any other tax debt, we are here to listen.

Please be prepared to answer questions such as:

tax questions answer by tax attorneys
  • How did you learn of the tax problem?
  • Who have you spoken to about your tax problem?
  • How old is the underlying tax debt?
  • What is the amount of the tax debt?
  • Provide contact information for your accountant.

The purpose of this phone call is to introduce you to our tax attorneys, to identify if a tax problem exists, how big the tax problem is, what the underlying cause of the tax problem is, is the tax problem likely to continue and is it likely to grow.

Step Two: Get your tax problem analyzed**

If during our phone meeting our tax attorney finds that a tax problem exists and is of the magnitude that our services will be necessary, they will offer to review your tax documents.

We will begin by compiling your tax documents. We will create a login for you on our Secure File Portal.

  • You will upload any documents you have relating to your tax problem such as:
    • Recent letters from the IRS or State Tax Authority (last 12 months)
    • Documents showing current income (W2, Pay stub, etc.)
    • Tax returns for current and prior years
    • Documents showing business income and investment income
    • Gambling winnings, prizes and awards
    • Unemployment compensation and social security benefitsget your tax documents reviewed by a tax attorney
    • Bank account levies
    • Liens
    • Medical Expenses
    • Divorce Decrees
    • Alimony & Child Support payments
    • Charitable contributions
    • Mortgage Interest Form 1098
    • Any other relevant expenses or deductions
  • We will upload a Power of Attorney and Authorizations allowing us to look into your tax problems further
    • You sign the Power of Attorney and Authorizations and upload them back to the Secure File Portal
    • We compile the remaining documents necessary for us to conduct the review

We will review your tax problem and create a custom report that will tell you how big your tax problem really is:

  • amount of tax debt problemHow much money do you owe, broken down by tax period
  • Penalties and interest, including accrued penalties and accrued interest
  • Likelihood of a Tax Levy
  • Likelihood of Criminal or other consequences

Our Tax Problem Review Report will make you aware of the entirety of your tax problem!

With our tax problem review report,  you will also receive a letter from our office telling you:

Danbury CT Attorneys
  1. IF we can help solve your tax problem
  2. HOW we will go about solving your tax problem
  3. HOW MUCH it will cost to hire us (we usually offer multiple payment options)
  4. HOW LONG will it take

Then it will be YOUR CHOICE to hire us to help with your tax problem or not.

Our Fine Print:

* Please be advised this is strictly an introductory phone meeting. We cannot ethically offer legal advice or discuss resolution options during the initial phone meeting. 

** Analyzing your tax problem involves compiling a large amount of documentation and financial information and going through it all with a fine toothed comb. Our tax attorneys must discuss and design your custom tax resolution plan. Finally, it is all be wrapped up nicely in a report that is easy to understand. The amount of paperwork and level of attention to detail makes this a very time consuming task. Therefore, our document review and report drafting fee is $750. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, but we are confident that you will see the value in having your tax problem reviewed, your questions answered and receiving real legal advice.