Business Services

Business Organization, Planning and Contracts

our Firm provides business attorney services for both current and prospective business owners.

Connecticut is one of the most regulated states in the union. Whether you are starting or buying a new business, planning for expansion, or looking to make your exit by selling your business or commercial property, only a Connecticut licensed attorney can give you accurate and legally compliant counsel.


Some of the business related services provided by Glouzgal Ramos LLP are:

Business Formation & Organization

What is the best business entity to form when starting a new business? If your goal is to limit your liability then you should form a business entity such as an LLC, a LLP or a Corporation. Depending on the structure and industry of your business, one form of business organization may be preferable to another.

You need to understand that a poorly organized business entity might not provide you with the protection you are expecting. Further, there could be liability for mistakes made in organizing your business entity and therefore illegally conducting business in Connecticut.

Your business formation, organization, licensing and State tax requirements need to be right from start. If they are not, or you’re not sure if they are, you need to correct them immediately.

Founder Agreements such as partnership agreements or operating agreements, buy-sell agreements and other succession plans are necessary to insure that all of your hard work does not disappear if you become incapacitated or are otherwise unable to run your business.

Business Succession

Some business grow, and some contract, and either one can lead to the eventual success or destruction of a business. Businesses that are “dying” can once again become success from restructuring or by changing hands. Whether you are looking to sell an existing business, or plan for an exit strategy, we can assist you and make sure that you take the proper steps to ensure a smooth transition.

Contract Drafting & Review

Business contracts are the bloodline of properly doing doing but can be tricky. Whether signing service or supply contracts with your clients, or buying raw materials or services to keep your business operational, every business enters multiple types of contracts on a regular basis. Before signing a contract, it is advisable to have an attorney review the contract for any potential issues and to make sure your rights are protected. We provide a contract review service where we “translate” contracts into plain English and explain the impact of the contract on the business and business owner – or if they are legally enforceable at all.

Tax Planning

Every business, in any industry, can benefit from the correct tax treatment. We provide business owners with the advice they need to make informed decisions on day-to-day or one-time business transactions that have tax implications. Would your business benefit from an audit of its financials and previous tax returns to make sure that all deductions and credits are being taken advantage of? Would you like to know if you could reduce your tax burden by restructuring your company? Give us a call today and we can schedule a time to sit down and have a productive conversation about tax strategies that will save you money now and in the long run.


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