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At G&G Law, LLC we represent individuals, families and businesses in an array of tax-related services. Our tax attorney can help identify or respond to Federal, State and Local tax problems. We can defend, appeal or negotiate your tax burdens.

Tax Liability Defense & Settlement

Whether you already have a notice from a tax authority or are trying to get an issue resolved before official notice, our tax attorney is ready to counsel you through your specific situation. We are experienced in defending or settling all manners of civil and criminal federal, state and local tax cases, whether civil or criminal. We can assist with:

  • Offers in compromise: An offer in compromise is an agreement with the taxing authority, such as the IRS, to pay less than the amount owed. We can help you negotiate an offer in compromise so you can meet your obligations within your ability to pay.
  • IRS tax settlements: If you owe the IRS unpaid taxes, whether due to a mistake or an unfiled tax return, it can be beneficial to offer a settlement with the IRS so you can avoid penalties and investigation by the Criminal Investigations Division (CID).
  • IRS payment plans: It may impossible for you to pay your back taxes all at once. In these situations, we may be able to work out a payment plan with the IRS on your behalf.
  • Tax appeals: If you do not agree with the IRS, DRS or City/Town determination of your tax liability, you may be able to appeal that determination. Our tax attorney can help you file an appeal and work through the appeals process.
  • Innocent spouse: Spouses are jointly and severally liable for the full amount of taxes due. However, there are situations where the IRS will grant full or partial relief for an innocent spouse. If your spouse was responsible for the unpaid or unfiled taxes and you have clean hands, you may be able to claim innocent spouse relief from the IRS.
  • Tax audits: We can help with the organization and preparation that is essential in a tax audit. If you have received a notice of audit or if you are involved in an audit with any tax authority, the attorneys at our firm can advise and guide you through the entire audit process.
  • State Sales & Use Tax: When you collect Sales Tax from your customers, you are holding it in trust for the State of Connecticut; it is the State’s money. Failing to collect or remit Sales Tax can lead to civil liability, penalties, fines and even criminal charges.
  • Payroll taxes: Under the law, payroll taxes are held “in trust” for your employees. If you failed to pay the payroll taxes the IRS can assess a penalty of up to 100 percent of the amount owed, doubling the amount you owe.
  • Independent contractor: If you improperly classify an employee as an independent contractor, you could be held liable for unpaid employment taxes.