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our Firm provides individuals and businesses looking to sell or purchase real estate property in Connecticut with secure and reliable real estate closing settlement services.

In Connecticut. attorneys play a pivotal role in the real estate closing process, more so than in other States. The real estate attorney is responsible for reviewing all legally binding documentation, calendaring all dates for contingencies and the closing, acquiring or preparing any legally binding documentation needed by the lender all the way through the mortgage process and at closing, reviewing all the documentation as provided by the other side, as well as facilitating the transfer of money for property through our attorney trust accounts.

Whether selling or buying a home, a business location, or an investment property, we help our clients seamlessly accomplish their goals by facilitating the real estate closing process.

Buyer’s Attorney

As “Buyer’s Attorney” in real estate closings we act as the Settlement Agent and make sure the condition of the property is safe for living or working by requiring all necessary inspections and disclosures from the Seller or their agent. We make sure the title is clear and marketable, free of encumbrances such as mortgages or liens, and if it is not, that our client is fully informed as to their existence and meaning. We negotiate the contract of sale with the Seller’s Attorney to make sure the contingencies our client requires are included and that our client is receiving the property as promised, and as required by law. We review the mortgage company’s commitment letter and advise our clients accordingly. We conduct or review the title search, depending on the needs of our clients. We help our clients purchase title insurance to protect their real estate purchase from undiscoverable issues created by previous owners and future issues such as fraud. We coordinate all of the cash flow through our IOLTA trust account, and help pay off outstanding mortgages on other property if our client requests us to do so. Finally, we record all necessary documents with the Town Hall where the property is located and deliver bank documents to lenders.

Seller’s Attorney

As “Seller’s Attorney” in real estate closings, we prepare the contract for sale including all the necessary terms such as identification of the parties and their agents, legal description of the property, price of sale, and any representations or disclosures about the property our client must make, as required by law. We then negotiate the contract terms with the Buyer’s Attorney, who will want to introduce additional terms to protect their client. We obtain payoff letters for any active mortgages so that they may be paid off from the sale proceeds and the Buyer can have clear title. Finally, we obtain and record all mortgage releases with the Town Hall where the property is located and disburse any funds payable to our clients.

Real Estate Closings

In all our client representations for purposes of real estate closings we attend the closing, either with our client(s) or in place of our client(s). We can execute power of attorney allowing us to handle the entire real estate closing, or parts of the real estate closing process, on behalf of our clients. After the real estate closing, we provide all of our clients with copies of all signed documents and an accounting of funds for their records.

Our real estate attorneys are approved settlement agents, have done closings, or both, with the following lenders:

We are prepared and capable of handling closings for any lender that we have not previously worked with.

We have also performed closings under the USDA, VA and CHFA lending programs.

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