Connecticut Business Maintenance Plan

It’s like roadside assistance for your business…

business roadside assistanceIf you’ve ever had car problems on a highway in an unfamiliar place, I bet you were really happy to call OnStar or AAA. If you were in the same situation and did not have roadside assistance, I bet it took considerably longer for you to get some help: help that probably cost more and wasn’t as good of a service.

Our Business Maintenance Plan is a yearly service* that provides your business with maintenance and roadside assistance so you can stay on the road to success.

The purpose of our Business Maintenance Plan (available only to Connecticut businesses or those conducting business in Connecticut) is to make sure that your business remains compliant and keeps its legal right to conduct business in the State of Connecticut.


Features of our Business Maintenance Plan

Keep Your Business Compliant

  1. We will act as your Agent for Service
    • this will make sure we are first to know if anybody serves your business
  2. We will remind you and file your Yearly Report
    • due by February 31st
  3. We will forward any statutory updates that affect your business and industry
    • Most new laws become effective in October
  4. You get 2 free hours of Business Consulting
    • ask us about business, insurance, tax, employees, or just for advice
    • all conversations with attorneys and staff are privileged
  5. Business Maintenance Plan clients also get access to a business attorney:
    • Right away (existing clients are always our priority)
    • Who is familiar with you and your business
    • Who is familiar with Connecticut regulation of your industry
    • Who you know, trust and rely on
    • at 20% off our hourly rate.**

Our Fine Print

*The fee for our Business Maintenance Plan is $500 and charged once a year. This INCLUDES any State of Connecticut filing fees to make us the Agent for Service and for the Yearly Report.

**Our basic hourly rate is $250 per hour, and with the 20% discount to hourly rate becomes $200 per hour. This rate can be applied to business reorganization, resolving current or future compliance issues, business succession such as buying, selling or transferring business interest, commercial real estate closings, contract drafting or review, estate planning for business owners or members uch as wills or trusts drafting, business tax planning or business tax debt resolution, business collections and other commercial litigation.



In order for us to MAINTAIN your business and its compliance with State law, we must first be sure that your business is compliant to begin with. If we formed and organized your business entity for you and helped with your licensing, then you are all set to join our business maintenance plan. HOWEVER, if we did not handle your business formation, organization or licensing, we will first need to conduct a Business Compliance Review.



call business attorney

If you are not sure whether or not you want to become a Business Maintenance Plan client with our Firm, please schedule a FREE 20 minute call with one of our business attorneys to discuss your business and your goals.