Our Business Compliance Review serves the purpose of preparing us to engage in more complicated representations for our business clients IF we did not business formation and organization.

If you are looking for our business attorneys to handle your commercial property closing, settle your business tax debt, conduct a buy or sell business closing, or if you want to join our business maintenance plan, we need to make sure the underlying business entity is properly formed, organized, and compliant with Connecticut law so that it can legally enter into the contemplated transaction and agreements.

The Business Compliance Review can also be used by business owners who simply want to know if their business is in compliance with Connecticut laws for their own peace of mind.



Step One: Talk to a business attorney about your goals*

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The first step is scheduling a FREE 20 minute phone call to talk to a business attorney about your needs. Whether you are looking to buy a business or commercial real estate, sell your business or the commercial property it occupies, resolve a business tax problem such as employment tax or sales & use tax issues, or you are simply worried that your business is not fully compliant with Connecticut law, we are here to listen.

Please be prepared to answer questions such as:

business questions answer by business attorneys

  • What is the nature of your business?
  • How is your business structured?
  • Who formed and organized your business?
  • What licenses does your business hold?
  • What taxes have you been collecting?
  • Does your business own any property?

The purpose of this phone call is to introduce you to our business attorneys, to identify your goals, to gauge the size of your business, and to form an understanding of what will be necessary to meet your goals.

Step Two: Get your business compliance analyzed**

If after our initial phone meeting our business attorney finds that we can help you meet your business goals, they will offer to review your business documents.

We will begin by compiling your business documents. We will create a login for you on our Secure File Portal.

  • You will upload any documents you have relating to your business entity, structure, and licensing:
    • Certificate of Partnership (Partnership), Articles of Organization (LLC), or Articles of Incorporation (Corporation)
    • Certificate of Legal Existence
    • FEIN (Federal Business Tax ID) and CT Business Tax ID
    • Founder Agreement such as a Partnership Agreement, Operating Agreement or Corporate Bylaws
    • Professional or Business Licenses
    • Insurance policies and Bond amounts
    • Any relevant correspondence relating to your business entity (Letters from DRS, DOL, SOTS, etc).
      get your business documents reviewed by a business attorney
    • Any relevant documents relating to the underlying transaction (purchase contract for property or businesses)
  • We will upload a Power of Attorney and Authorizations allowing us to look into your business paperwork further
    • You sign the Power of Attorney and Authorizations and upload them back to the Secure File Portal
    • We compile the remaining documents necessary for us to complete the business compliance review

We will review your business documentation for compliance with State laws and create a custom report that will tell you the health of your business organization:

  • Was it properly formed under the laws of the State of Connecticut?cost of business compliance
  • Is it in “good standing” with the Secretary of the State and Department of Revenue Services.
  • Do you have the proper licensing and is it still in effect.
  • Is your business being operated according to your founder agreements?

Our Business Compliance Review will let you know exactly where you stand!

With our business compliance review,  you will also receive a letter from our office telling you:

Danbury CT Attorneys
  1. IF there are any compliance issues
  2. WILL the compliance issues stop you from your goals
  3. HOW we will go about solving your business compliance issues
  4. HOW MUCH it will cost to hire us (we usually offer multiple payment options)
  5. HOW LONG will it take

Then it will be YOUR CHOICE to hire us to help solve your business compliance issues or not.

Our Fine Print:

* Please be advised this is strictly an introductory phone meeting. We cannot ethically offer legal advice or discuss resolution options during the initial phone meeting. 

** Analyzing your business compliance involves compiling a large amount of documentation and financial information and going through it all with a fine toothed comb. Our business attorneys must research your industry, Connecticut regulation of that industry, as well as industry customs and standards. Finally, it is all be wrapped up nicely in a report that is easy to understand. The amount of paperwork and level of attention to detail makes this a very time consuming task. Therefore, our document review and report drafting fee is $1,250. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, but we are confident that you will see the value in having your business compliance reviewed, your questions answered and receiving real legal advice.