Real Estate Sale Attorney

Real Estate Closings in Danbury, Brookfield, Bethel, Redding, Newtown, Ridgefield, New Milford, New Fairfield 

Representing Sellers of a Home

As “Seller’s Attorney” in real estate closings, we:

  • review the Contract Information Sheet sent over by the realtors and discuss any concerns with our clients;
  • prepare the contract for sale including all the necessary terms such as identification of the parties and their agents, legal description of the property, price of sale, and any representations or disclosures about the property our client must make, as required by law.
  • We then negotiate the contract terms with the Buyer’s Attorney, who will want to introduce additional terms to protect their client.
  • We resolve any title or permit issues that come up during the title search or municipal records search;
  • We obtain payoff letters for any active mortgages so that they may be paid off from the sale proceeds and the Buyer can have clear title.
  • We obtain and record all mortgage releases with the Town Hall where the property is located.

Getting an attorney involved in the early stages of a Sale is very important. Almost immediately, realtors and other service providers will want you to sign contracts with them. We can assist in reviewing and negotiating these agreements as well. 

We offer flat fee engagements on Sales of any kind of property so our clients can budget for our services; plus all fees are paid at closing from the proceeds with nothing due up front. Contact us for a free quote on your real estate sale closing.